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Scientific Highlights

01/12/17 CQT researchers collaborate in quantum simulations on Google's superconducting chip
10/11/17 Getting cross-Kerr with trapped ions
06/11/17 CQT experts to consult on quantum security of cryptocurrency
31/10/17 Lens trick doubles odds for quantum interaction
19/10/17 Book presents global perspectives on quantum simulation
17/10/17 Atomic arrays can act as lenses for quantum information
09/10/17 Raising awareness of quantum impacts in cybersecurity
25/09/17 Barium qubit promising for telecoms
29/08/17 When dimensions are not what they seem
18/07/17 Celebrating the graduation of CQT students
12/07/17 Why you might trust a quantum computer with secrets – even over the internet
28/06/17 CQT's quantum summer camp a hit with college students
29/05/17 Quantum states reveal themselves with measurable 'fingerprint'
12/04/17 Result co-authored by CQT student accepted for top conferences
05/04/17 A tour of the interdisciplinary frontiers of quantum and complexity science
01/03/17 Quantum Shorts screen at Singapore's ArtScience Museum
24/02/17 Shaking Schrödinger's cat may protect it from the environment
13/02/17 Will androids dream of quantum sheep?
21/12/16 Going covert: a security step above encryption
12/12/16 Closing 2016 at CQT with celebrations of science and staff
02/12/16 Shape matters when light meets atom
25/11/16 Review marks ten years of research on quantum simulations with light
23/11/16 Symposium on quantum engineering encourages crosstalk
18/11/16 Topological scheme for transporting quantum particles inspired by Nobel winner's work
24/10/16 Bringing quantum tech to new NUS-Singtel corporate lab
08/09/16 Verified: super-resolution imaging technique
31/08/16 Games played at the quantum boundary
22/07/16 Technique eliminates errors in atomic transition measurements
12/07/16 CQT hosts international conference on quantum communication, measurement and computing
08/06/16 Creative trapping method simplifies cold atoms experiment
02/06/16 Quantum satellite device tests technology for global quantum network
25/05/16 Discord at play in quantum illumination
25/04/16 Result smashes size record for quantum correlations
20/04/16 Zip software can detect the quantum-classical boundary
21/03/16 Thick crystals shine in photon-pair source tests
20/03/16 Presenting CQT's Annual Report for 2015
15/03/16 Practical quantum technologies: a workshop for industry
03/03/16 Quantum mirror takes time to behave
04/02/16 Maxwell's demon lives for light
25/01/16 Atoms cooperate to emit sequence of 'superflashes'
12/01/16 Visiting Prof Masahito Hayashi claims high-profile Japanese science prizes
09/12/15 Computing with time travel
12/11/15 CQT's Joe Fitzsimons named one of Asia's top young innovators
09/11/15 Experiment records extreme quantum weirdness
12/10/15 CQT Professors elected Fellows of the American Physical Society
16/09/15 CQT launches international flash fiction competition
27/08/15 Space-bound CQT experiment survived rocket explosion in working order
14/08/15 A quantum battery could turbocharge thanks to entanglement
10/07/15 Eight CQT PhD students awarded degrees at 2015 ceremony
08/07/15 240 delegates from 25 countries attend ICOLS in Singapore
01/07/15 "Breakthrough" research in query complexity
26/06/15 Youth take on quantum cryptography at Generation Q Camp
13/05/15 Light mimics forbidden particle
22/04/15 Exacting measurements on atoms do better than theory
10/04/15 Quantum cryptography features in NUS exhibition
30/03/15 CQT hosts UK-Singapore Quantum Symposium
05/03/15 Writer's residency to culminate in performance of musical theatre
03/03/15 Prospect of quantum machines inspires new physical laws
26/02/15 How quantum entanglement could help us prove things
03/02/15 Conference marks launch of the France-Singapore Majulab
21/01/15 Singapore to host International Conference on Quantum Computing, Measurement and Communication
20/12/14 Two quantum mysteries merged into one
25/11/14 CQT workshop on quantum contextuality addresses open questions
19/11/14 Zen and the art of quantum complexity
28/10/14 Witness scheme detects entanglement efficiently
20/10/14 CQT researchers get photons into shape
13/10/14 Quantum technologies to go hybrid and into orbit
10/09/14 Student gives invited talk at Singapore's ArtScience Museum
25/08/14 Superabsorbing ring could make ultrasensitive camera pixel
18/08/14 How is a quantum bit like a ballerina?
08/08/14 Quality testing for quantum devices
07/08/14 Professor celebrates publication of lecture notes
31/07/14 Review seeks path to successful quantum simulations
28/07/14 Bringing physics to the malls, makers and movie-goers of Singapore
21/07/14 CQT research on 'self-testing' wins journal award
15/07/14 CQT researchers build tunable simulator of atom-light interactions
27/06/14 Stellar measurement by quantum methods
16/06/14 France establishes new quantum lab at CQT
10/06/14 CQT researchers contribute to review of quantum nonlocality
30/04/14 CQT hosts conference in honour of PI Berge Englert's 60th birthday
18/04/14 Meet a CQTian: Loh Huanqian
27/03/14 Keeping secrets in a world of spies and mistrust
21/03/14 Meet a CQTian: Colin Teo
12/03/14 Quantum physics secures new cryptography scheme
06/03/14 NUS hosts Institute of Physics Singapore Meeting 2014
14/02/14 Meet a CQTian: Troy Lee
06/01/14 Course on randomness launches with over 42,000 students
02/01/14 Good vibrations for trapped ions
18/12/13 Singapore's Prime Minister visits CQT
13/12/13 Presenting CQT's Annual Report for 2013
02/12/13 Quantum technologies stand to benefit from new source of entangled photon pairs
26/11/13 Undergraduate honoured with University prize for CQT project
20/11/13 New Scientist publishes "Big Idea" feature by CQT researchers
06/11/13 Special relativity combines forces with quantum physics to secure communication
03/10/13 Twisted photons enable precision measurement
01/10/13 Scheme checks answers to quantum computation
04/09/13 CQT congratulates Jeysthur Ang on being named an Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher
23/08/13 Randomness and other research: group update from Valerio Scarani
31/07/13 Quantum physics at the Singapore Science Festival
26/07/13 Photonic quantum simulators: group update from Dimitris Angelakis
08/07/13 Become an 'Instant Expert' in quantum information
04/07/13 Proposal to close loopholes in entanglement test
27/06/13 New at CQT: cold fermions!
21/06/13 Meet a CQTian: Agata Checinska
19/06/13 Game theory result takes CQTian to STOC
18/06/13 Singapore selected to host major physics conference in 2015
14/05/13 New principle may help explain why nature is quantum
06/05/13 Theorists see proposal for error-tolerant quantum gates realised
24/04/13 Protocol makes noisy networks competitive for scalable quantum computing
10/04/13 Uncertainty avoids perpetual motion machines
09/04/13 CQT to participate in International Space Apps Challenge
11/03/13 Quantum simulation targets particle physics
20/02/13 Double SODA showing from CQT computer scientists
05/02/13 CQT team awarded S$10 million for research into randomness
24/01/13 Inspired short films win quantum competition
02/01/13 World's first demonstration of bit commitment performed at CQT
29/11/12 Everything you ever wanted to know about measuring quantumness
23/11/12 Twin peaks signal wave localisation
05/11/12 Quantum cryptography can resist malicious manipulation
29/10/12 Looking beyond space and time to cope with quantum theory
09/10/12 2012 Nobel Prize in Physics to pioneers of quantum technologies
05/10/12 Experimental precision ahead of theory in measurements of Barium
02/10/12 CQT-led team contributes feature to Optics and Photonics News
28/09/12 Extracting randomness from its root source
25/09/12 Results on birds' proposed quantum vision fly apart
18/09/12 So long, QCRYPT
13/09/12 Film-maker arrives at CQT for a year-long project
05/09/12 CQT Director writes for Scientific American special issue
07/08/12 Results show that discord can deliver a quantum advantage
02/08/12 CQT computer scientists doom protocol to repeat itself
16/07/12 CQT announces the Quantum Shorts 2012 film competition
05/07/12 Singapore showcased at Nobel Laureate Meeting
27/06/12 CQTians to participate in Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting
05/06/12 CQT tests quantum satellite components in near-space environment
31/05/12 CQT's Deputy Director joins leadership team of new Yale-NUS College
09/05/12 Information is physical and physics is informational
07/05/12 Principal Investigator Rahul Jain awarded University prize
26/04/12 Researchers invent scheme to extract quantum computing power from noise
26/04/12 A quantum Cabinet of Curiosities
09/04/12 Proposal to get ultrafast performance from promising quantum computing technology
30/03/12 How quantum physics could make 'The Matrix' more efficient
27/03/12 CQT welcomes artist-in-residence
20/03/12 Dance like a neutrino: new quantum scheme to simulate particle oscillations
19/03/12 Investigation of birds’ quantum skills prompts new magnetoreception theory
01/03/12 Prestigious College de France lectures hosted at CQT – course notes available
28/02/12 CQT supports Institute of Physics Singapore meeting at NUS
27/02/12 Researchers welcome new proofs of the quantum substate theorem
21/02/12 CQT participates in global science event
06/02/12 Thinker, diver, pilot, code-breaker
20/01/12 Quantum physics enables perfectly secure cloud computing: paper in Science
19/01/12 Singapore hosts first international workshop on quantum discord
13/01/12 CQT congratulates first PhD@CQT student to defend thesis
09/01/12 Presenting 'The Mechanics', a short film by Karol Jalochowski
04/01/12 In search of certainty about superpositions: paper in Nature Communications
30/12/11 Imperfections could massively improve quantum hard drives: paper in Physical Review Letters
13/12/11 Presenting the CQT Annual Report for 2011
08/12/11 CQT hosts 'unconference' on quantum tomography
07/12/11 CQT's Dagomir Kaszlikowski guest blogs for Scientific American
02/12/11 Diamonds entangled at room temperature: paper in Science
11/11/11 Proposal holds promise for imaging atoms by their nuclear magnetic field: paper in Phys Rev Lett
11/11/11 Ceremony marks creation of International Associated Laboratory by CQT and French partners
24/10/11 CQT researchers in New Scientist article on cracking the uncrackable code
21/10/11 How a quintessential quantum test was fooled: paper in Physical Review Letters
29/09/11 CQT lasers get new taskmaster
13/09/11 Ruling out alternatives to quantum theory: paper in Physical Review Letters
23/08/11 Prestigious information theory award won by CQT's Masahito Hayashi
08/08/11 Entangling measurements for the cautious: paper in Physical Review Letters
02/08/11 CQT undergraduate research scoops University award for third consecutive year
01/08/11 Quantum ignorance is hard to expose: paper in Physical Review Letters
28/07/11 Families join CQT's X-perimental team
27/07/11 Three insights into the foundations of computer science
20/07/11 Atomic trios promise robust quantum data storage: paper in Physical Review A
15/06/11 Making quantum cryptography truly secure: paper in Nature Communications
02/06/11 Quantum knowledge cools computers: paper in Nature
19/05/11 Scientific American readers told they are living in a quantum world
18/05/11 CQT's John Baez introduces the "octonions" to a popular audience
12/04/11 Light could show electrons' personality split: paper in Physical Review Letters
25/02/11 Artur Ekert gives radio listeners the low-down on quantum technologies
21/02/11 At the end of the quantum world: research in the Journal of Physics A
11/02/11 Non-locality from nothing: paper in Nature Communications
27/01/11 CQT work on the quantum biology of birds draws media interest
17/01/11 Proposal for weaving light-matter qubits listed among "most cited papers"
15/12/10 Probing the quantum dynamics of electrons in a Mott insulator: paper in Nature Physics
19/11/10 CQT Researcher uncovers surprise link between weird quantum phenomena
22/10/10 The Art of Math
27/10/09 Cold fermions as a hot topic!
22/10/09 A new physical principle behind quantum physics
30/09/09 All you wanted to know in quantum cryptography
05/08/09 QIP = PSPACE = IP ?
25/05/09 Mile's work highlighted in Nature
11/05/09 CQT features four articles in the NJP special issue on Quantum Cryptography
10/05/09 Coolest place in the Equator
31/01/09 Where does life come from?
15/10/08 The shadow of a single atom
27/08/08 Quantum Roadtrip
26/07/08 The unbreakable code: Is this the lock?
02/06/08 Quantum Cryptography is Possible with Finite Resources
24/01/08 CQT Member in Google Techtalks
23/01/08 Testing how weird nature really is