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Dzmitry Matsukevich Group

Due to rich level structure, long trapping time and good isolation from environment, molecular ions confined in a rf-Paul trap are attractive candidates for several applications. Based on atomic ion quantum computing techniques, our group develops methods for preparation, manipulation, and detection of internal states of molecular ions for spectroscopy, precision measurements and quantum information processing.



Dzmitry Matsukevich
(Principal Investigator)
Email: phymd@nus.edu.sg
Office: S15-02-02
Phone:+65 6516 5629
Fax:+65 6516 6897

Group Member

Dzmitry Matsukevich (Principal Investigator) Jaren Gan (CQT PhD Student)
Gleb Maslennikov (Senior Research Fellow ) Roland Hablutzel (CQT PhD Student)