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Joseph Fitzsimons Group

Research interests within the group span many areas of theoretical quantum information science. However, there are several areas which are of mutual interest to a significant number of group members.

Please refer to our research group website.

Joseph Fitzsimons
(Principal Investigator)
Email: cqtjf@nus.edu.sg
Office: S15-04-10
Fax:+65 6516 6897

Group Member

Joseph Fitzsimons (Principal Investigator) Atul Mantri (PhD Student (SUTD))
Mahboobeh Houshmand (Postdoctoral Fellow (SUTD)) Joshua Kettlewell (PhD Student (SUTD))
Monireh Houshmand (Postdoctoral Fellow (SUTD)) Tommaso Demarie (Postdoctoral Fellow (SUTD))
Nana Liu (Postdoctoral Fellow (SUTD)) Zhao Liming (PhD Student (SUTD))
Si-Hui Tan (Research Scientist (SUTD)) Zhao Zhikuan (PhD Student (SUTD))
Tiago Batalhao (Postdoctoral Fellow (SUTD)) Yuki Takeuchi (Intern Student)
Yingkai Ouyang (Research Fellow (SUTD))