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Valerio Scarani Group

We are a theoretical group, working both in foundational and applied aspects of quantum information science. Currently we are focusing on two main areas. The first is the device-independent approach to quantum physics. We study quantum correlations that exhibit the phenomenon of Bell nonlocality and assess the usefulness of the underlying quantum states and measurements for quantum information tasks, without having any prior knowledge about those states or the measurements. We are also aiming at characterising the set of such correlations that can be achieved with quantum resources. The second is theoretical quantum optics and quantum thermodynamics. Here it is a matter of describing and inventing devices based on quantum physics. In particular, thermodynamics is the object of heated debates between those who think it must be "physics" and those who think it is rather "information". Without taking an exclusive stance, our approach is to start from very concrete physical models and explore how notions from information theory arise.

Visit http://conneqt.quantumlah.org/ for detailed information about our research and the possibility of joining us; or the blog

Valerio Scarani
(Principal Investigator)
Email: physv@nus.edu.sg
Office: S15-03-14B
Phone:+65 6516 2813
Fax:+65 6516 6897

Group Member

Valerio Scarani (Principal Investigator) Angeline Shu Sze Yi (PhD Student (Physics Dept, NUS))
Cai Yu (Research Fellow) Goh Koon Tong (CQT PhD Student)
Han Yunguang (Research Fellow) Liu Zheng (CQT PhD Student)
Le Phuc Thinh (Research Fellow) Stella Seah (PhD Student (Physics Dept, NUS))
Stefan Nimmrichter (Research Fellow) Li Xinhui (Intern)