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Dimitris Angelakis Group

Works on theoretical quantum optics and implementations of quantum information. Particular interests include quantum simulations of condensed matter and exotic physics phenomena with photons and ions.

Lim Ci Wen Charles Group

Our group research is mainly focused on the theory of quantum communication, quantum cryptography, and quantum correlations. In these topics, we work on the security of quantum cryptography and the foundations of quantum information processing.

Berge Englert Group

Investigates what can be known about a quantum system, for example through quantum state tomography. Also works on cold atoms in lattices including graphene-like structures.

Oh Choo Hiap Group

Main research areas are quantum phase factors and their application, decoherence, contextuality, entanglement and other measures of quantum correlations.

Benoît Grémaud Group

Uses numerical methods to understand the behaviour of interacting atoms, identify relevant observables for experiments, and study the localization properties of matter waves

Valerio Scarani Group

Our group has two research interests. The first is nonlocality, notably self-testing and device-independent principles. The second is quantum optics and quantum thermodynamics, bridging theory and experiments.
Website: conneqt.quantumlah.org

Dagomir Kaszlikowski Group

Explores the foundations of quantum theory. Particular interests include whether there exists a quantum-classical boundary, contextuality and constraints on quantum correlations.

Vlatko Vedral Group

Investigates topics in quantum information ranging from discord, an alternative measure of quantum correlation, to thermodynamics. Ventures into quantum biology.
Website: https://qreality.quantumlah.org

Kwek Leong Chuan Group

Works on quantum information with a particular focus on applied systems, including quantum processors and simulators.

Murray Barrett Group

Focuses on the interfacing of atoms and photons via cavity QED for quantum information applications and precision metrology.
Website: microtraps.quantumlah.org

Alexander Ling Group

Building compact, rugged and effective optical entanglement systems for experiments including a satellite-borne test of entanglement. Has an active interest in nonlinear optics.
Website: quantumlah.org/AlexLinggroup

Kai Dieckmann Group

Experiments on ultracold gases, including investigation of Fermi mixtures and a collaborative project with the Wenhui Li group on atoms in optical lattices.
Website: qmatter.quantumlah.org

Loh Huanqian Group

Focuses on controlling molecules at the single-molecule, single-quantum-state level for few- to many-body physics and quantum chemistry studies. Interested in using molecules for quantum simulation and information storage.

Rainer Dumke Group

Works on superconducting atom chips, Bose-Einstein condensates, miniaturized optical systems for quantum information processing and a portable atom gravimeter.
Website: quantumlah.org/RDumkegroup

Dzmitry Matsukevich Group

Develops methods to prepare, manipulate and detect the internal states of trapped molecular ions for spectroscopy, precision measurements and quantum information processing.

Christian Kurtsiefer Group

Implements quantum information building blocks with photons and atoms, with expertise in entangled photon pair sources, single photon detection and unconventional atom-photon interactions.
Website: www.qolah.org

Manas Mukherjee Group

Prepares ion trap systems with goals including emulating condensed matter systems and tests of fundamental physics. Also interested in using ions for information processing and metrology.
Website: http://coldiongroup.wixsite.com/index

Wenhui Li Group

Explores the coherent excitation and manipulation of cold Rydberg gases. Aims at investigating quantum many-body physics and quantum optics in such systems.

Travis Nicholson Group

Studies quantum logic with Rydberg-dressed strontium trapped in optical lattices. Also studies squeezed state generation using Rydberg dressing to beat the standard quantum limit to clock precision. Website: https://nicholsonlabs.quantumlah.org

Miklos Santha, Rahul Jain, Hartmut Klauck, Troy Lee & Divesh Aggarwal Group

Explores the intersection of computer science and quantum theory, including quantum algorithms, communication complexity, interactive proofs and quantum games.
Website: cs.quantumlah.org

Joseph Fitzsimons Group

Exploratory Initiatives Group

Members of this group work on various projects that are exploratory in nature.
There is no Principal Investigator attached to this group.