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Artur Ekert Director
Lai Choy Heng Deputy Director
Kuldip Singh Admin Director
Chan Chui Theng Associate Director, Admin
Evon Tan Senior Admin Manager
Lim Siew Hoon Academic Programme Executive

Building and Infrastructure

Jessie Ho Senior Building & Infrastructure Manager
Lim Ah Bee Operations Associate

Finance and Procurement

Lim Mei Yin, Valerie Senior Finance Manager
Toh Lee Yen, Yvonne Procurement Manager
Tan Lay Hua Assistant Manager, Finance & Procurement
Giam Lay Enn Kelly Finance and Procurement Executive
Lim Mui Lian Amell Finance & Procurement Executive

Human Resources

Valerie Hoon Associate Director, Human Resource
Tan Ai Leng Irene Human Resource Manager

Outreach and Media Relation

Evon Tan Senior Admin Manager
Jenny Hogan Associate Director, Outreach & Media Relations
Aki Honda Creative Manager

IT Support

Lim Fang Eng Jacky IT Manager
Resmi Poovathumkal Raju IT Analyst

Industry Relations

Evon Tan Senior Admin Manager
Alexander Ling Principal Investigator
Lum Chune Yang Head, Strategic Development