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CQT in the news

These are some of the stories that have appeared in newspapers, magazines and news websites that mention CQT research or CQT people. Some are written by CQT scientists.


  • Sep 20 Data Center Knowledge China's Quantum Net Advance Offers a Glimpse into the Future of Enterprise Security
  • Sep 14 Axios China takes the lead in building quantum data security networks
  • Sep 07 Chemical & Engineering News Seeking materials to send unbreakable codes
  • Aug 08 International Business Times Preparing for a quantum future: An inside look at groundbreaking research in Singapore
  • Jul 25 BBC News China set to launch an 'unhackable' internet communication
  • Jul 20 ComputerWorld Australia Keeping secrets from cloud-based quantum computers
  • Jul 14 IEEE Spectrum Even Ordinary Computer Users Could Access Secret Quantum Computing
  • Jul 12 Phys Org Why you might trust a quantum computer with secrets—even over the internet
  • Jun 17 Straits Times Communications privacy in the quantum era
  • Jun 15 BBC News China's quantum satellite in big leap
  • Jun 15 Scientific American China Shatters “Spooky Action at a Distance” Record, Preps for Quantum Internet
  • Jun 15 Science China’s quantum satellite achieves ‘spooky action’ at record distance
  • Jun 01 ScienceDaily Quantum states reveal themselves with measurable 'fingerprint'
  • May 05 Quanta Magazine The Quantum Thermodynamics Revolution
  • Mar 31 Physics World blog Einstein world record, Spider-Man physics, quantum films and cakes
  • Mar 16 OpenGovAsia EXCLUSIVE - Mathematically provable communication security and other applications of Quantum Key Distribution
  • Mar 16 Channel News Asia A Zouk orchestra, guitars galore, and some piano science: 3 quirky music shows to catch
  • Mar 14 PNAS Code Wars
  • Mar 09 The Economist Quantum leaps: a mind-bending technology goes mainstream
  • Mar 06 Today NUS Productions bridge the gap between dance, science
  • Mar 03 The Business Times Let's get this party started
  • Feb 13 PhysOrg Will androids dream of quantum sheep?
  • 2016

  • Dec 08 ScienceAlert Scientists are moulding photons into shapes to unlock the secrets of light
  • Dec 07 Asian Scientist When Light Interacts With Atoms, Shape Matters
  • Dec 04 Motherboard Physicists Mold Giant Photons Into Custom Shapes
  • Dec 02 PhysOrg Mapping the interaction of a single atom with a single photon may inform design of quantum devices
  • Nov 18 PhysOrg An Archimedes' screw for groups of quantum particles
  • Nov 01 Nature Photonics Quantum Optics Lifts off (editorial)
  • Nov 01 JPhys+ Blog Image of the week: overlapping Rydberg atoms
  • Oct 25 OpenGovAsia NUS-Singtel Cybersecurity Research & Development Laboratory launched
  • Oct 25 Straits Times $43m for new lab to bolster nation's cyber security
  • Oct 24 ZDNet Singapore university partners Singtel to launch $30M cybersecurity lab
  • Oct 24 Today NUS, Singtel set up new lab for cybersecurity research
  • Oct 13 Scientific American blog Could You Be the Greatest Sci-Fi Film Maker on the Planet?
  • Sep 24 South China Morning Post China’s orbiting quantum satellite links with ground stations
  • Sep 15 Nature Developing Asian-inspired solutions to global problems
  • Jul 25 Straits Times NUS in quest to create next-generation 'quantum music'
  • Aug 22 CNBC (TV) Is quantum encryption hack proof? Not exactly.
  • Aug 18 Xinhua Scientists say China's quantum communication satellite marks important milestone
  • Aug 16 Straits Times Data 'impossible to intercept'
  • Aug 16 Physics World China launches world's first quantum science satellite
  • Aug 16 Wall Street Journal "China’s Latest Leap Forward Isn’t Just Great—It’s Quantum"
  • Aug 16 BBC News China launches quantum-enabled satellite Micius
  • Aug 16 Associated Press China's launch of quantum satellite major step in space race
  • Jul 27 Nature Chinese satellite is one giant step for the quantum internet
  • Jul 01 Photonics.com Satellite Mission Tests Quantum Light Source
  • Jun 08 New Scientist Tiny satellite tests sending first quantum messages in space
  • Jun 02 PhysOrg Quantum Satellite Device Tests Technology for Global Quantum Network
  • Apr 28 Asian Scientist Unzipping The Quantum-Classical Boundary
  • Apr 20 Science Daily Zip software can detect the quantum-classical boundary
  • Apr 08 Straits Times UK could learn from Singapore's coordinated approach to industrial promotion
  • Mar 31 Tor/Forge Blog Quantum Shorts Flash Fiction Competition Announces Winners
  • Mar 31 Scientific American Physics Fiction: Quantum Shorts 2015 Winner
  • Mar 03 Popular Science What is Quantum Cryptography?
  • Feb 26 Horizons The shifting sands of science
  • Feb 23 Straits Times Dancing to the rhythm of quantum physics
  • Feb 18 GovInsider Four things you should know about Quantum Encryption
  • Jan 29 Straits Times Science builds civilisations: cartoonist
  • Jan 11 Straits Times Record $19 billion set aside for science and technology research over next five years
  • Jan 07 Nature Physics The lone traveller
  • 2015


    Quantum complexity

    Quantum logic: It's simpler to be two things at once
    New Scientist
    15 November 2014

    An essay by CQT Principal Investigator Vlatko Vedral and alumnus Mile Gu about their research on quantum models of complex systems.

    Nature cover, 27 March 2014. Credit:Nature

    The ultimate physical limits of privacy
    27 Mar 2014

    CQT's Director Artur Ekert co-authored a Perspective article in the journal Nature about developments in quantum cryptography. See also the commentary by Artur in Singapore's TODAY newspaper.

    Quantum Shorts 2013 winning story illustration.

    Check Out the Winners of Quantum Shorts 2013!
    29 Jan 2014

    Sci-fi and fantasy site Tor.com reports the results of CQT's competition for quantum-inspired flash fiction. Tor and Scienfitic American were media partners of the competition.


    Nature cover, 27 March 2014. Credit:Nature

    The devil and the details
    The Economist
    21 Sep 2013

    From the print magazine, a report on work by research groups at CQT and elsewhere on quantum cryptography schemes secured by entanglement..

    Singapore's city centre at night.

    Working in Asia: The siren song of Singapore
    15 May 2013

    A feature on opportunities and challenges for scientists in Singapore, including comments from CQT researchers.

    The SPEQS payload developed at CQT will be deployed on a nanosatellite.

    Space: The final frontier for coded data?
    The Straits Times
    14 Oct 2013

    CQT's project to develop a robust, compact source of entangled photon pairs for launch on a nanosatellite featured in Singapore's most widely-read newspaper.