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Our scientists

More than 100 researchers from over 30 countries work at CQT. They are a mix of theorists and experimentalists. Our theorists spend much of their time thinking and writing. Our experimentalists design, build and operate hugely complicated experiments to study the inner workings of the quantum world. They occupy labs packed with lasers, lenses and cabling. When our researchers are not in their offices or laboratories, you may find them in CQT's Quantum Café, sharing ideas over espressos. CQT's scientific researchers are supported by administrative and technical staff who handle tasks from arranging conferences to buying and building pieces of lab equipment.

Images of CQT scientists at work

You can listen to some of our scientists talk about quantum mechanics in this short documentary, "The Mechanics". It was made by journalist and film-maker Karol Jalochoswki who visited CQT in 2011. For people in a hurry, Karol has also made a 30-second trailer and a 9-minute version.

THE MECHANICS - LONG VERSION from Karol Jalochowski on Vimeo.