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Delve into quantum physics in more depth with these books by CQT's scientists and collaborators. You can find more recommendations for popular science books about quantum physics on our Quantum Shorts contest site. That also offers an A to Z quide to the quantum world.

Quantum Physics: A First Encounter

CQT Principal Investigator Valerio Scarani introduces phenomena in quantum physics by describing the experiments that reveal them. The book covers topics including entanglement, cryptography and teleportation without mathematics.
Six Quantum Pieces

Teach yourself the maths of quantum physics from high-school level, in this book co-authored by Valerio Scarani with two Singaporean school students.
Decoding Reality: The Universe as Quantum Information

Decoding Reality is a popular science book that explores the implications of thinking about the whole universe in terms of information. It is by Vlatko Vedral, a CQT Principal Investigator and Professor at NUS and the University of Oxford.
Sir Fong's Adventures in Science Book 5: The Quantum Bunny

Aimed at younger readers (and the young at heart), The Quantum Bunny is a graphic novel that retells the Chinese story of the Monkey King causing uproar in heaven – adding a quantum twist.