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Single-molecule quantum control

Project description
We are building a new lab on single-molecule quantum control at the Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore. Molecules are exciting because they possess rich internal structure and long-range anisotropic interactions. In the quantum regime, they are highly attractive for probing novel condensed matter phases, cold controlled chemistry, quantum information processing and fundamental physics.
We have an opening for at least one or more PhD students, ideally with a strong background in quantum physics, atomic physics and some prior laboratory experience. This project presents a rare opportunity to be involved in the experiment design, construction, and data taking from ground up, thereby offering a comprehensive training ground for the skills involved in experimental atomic, molecular and optical physics. Using the custom-built apparatus, the student will also be able to explore new phenomena at the forefront of quantum physics and chemistry.

Interested candidate can contact Huanqian Loh (cqtlohh@nus.edu.sg).