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First Workshop on Quantum Technology in Biological Systems

11 - 16 January 2009 | Venue: The Sentosa Resort (Singapore)

Organised by: Vlatko Vedral, Elisabeth Rieper

The main objective of this multidisciplinary workshop consisting of physicists, chemists and biologists is in the area of quantum biology. The planned location will be on the Sentosa Island in Singapore between 10-17 January 2009. The intention of the workshop is to stimulate a free exchange of ideas in the field of quantum biology that is becoming increasingly more fascinating and diverse. The main question we would like to address is whether nature engages in any kind of quantum information processing.

Titles and Abstracts
Group Photo


The Sentosa Resort, Singapore
2 Bukit Manis Road
Singapore 099891
Tel: +65 6275 0331

Workshop Programme

Time Sunday
11 Jan
12 Jan
13 Jan
14 Jan
15 Jan
16 Jan
0930   Background in Physics Advanced QM / Photosynthesis What is life?/ Bird Navigation Molecules Closing
Artur Ekert Janet Anders Bruno Sanguinetti Francois Filaux
Juan Pablo Paz Valerio Scarani Discussion Simon Benjamin
1030 Coffee break @ Sarong Coffee Corner
1100 Nathan Babcock Nicolas Gisin Wolfgang Wiltschko Judith Klinmann Closing
Discussion II
Tony Leggett Libby Heaney Vasily Ogryzko
1230 Lunch @ Terrace Restaurant
1400 Philip Walther Richard Cogdell Torsten Ritz Anita Goel Singapore
City Tour
Frances Wang Grahem Fleming Kiminori Maeda Discussion
1530 Coffee break @ Sarong Coffee Corner
1600 Opening Discussion
Sarong Room,
The Sentosa Resort
Paul Davies Discussion Chris Rodgers Discussion
Elisabeth Rieper
Discussion Discussion
1800     Night Safari Tour   Workshop Dinner  
1900 Welcome Dinner

List of confirmed participants

  • Janet Anders, University College London
  • Nathan Babcock, University of Calgary
  • Simon Benjamin, University of Oxford
  • Richard Cogdell, University of Glasgow
  • Paul Davies, Arizona State University
  • Artur Ekert, Centre for Quantum Technologies, NUS
  • Francois Fillaux, CNRS Thiais
  • Graham Fleming, UC Berkeley
  • Nicolas Gisin, Université de Genève
  • Anita Goel, University of Harvard
  • Mile Gu, The University of Queensland
  • Libby Heaney, Centre for Quantum Technologies, NUS
  • Judith Klinman, University of Berkeley
  • Tony Leggett, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Kiminori Maeda, University of Oxford
  • Vasily Ogryzko, Institute of cancerology Gustave Roussy, Paris
  • Juan Pablo Paz, Ciudad Universitaria, Buenos Aires
  • Thorsten Ritz, University of California, Irvine
  • Chris Rodgers, University of Oxford
  • Bruno Sanguinetti, University of Leeds
  • Valerio Scarani, Centre for Quantum Technologies, NUS
  • Philip Walther, University of Vienna
  • Frances Wang, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Wolfgang Wiltschko, University of Frankfurt