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Workshop on Quantum Cryptography with Finite Resources
(QCFR 2008)

4 - 6 December 2009 | Venue: Centre for Quantum Technologies, NUS (Singapore)

Organised by: Valerio Scarani

The workshop will bring together theorists and experimentalists involved in practical quantum cryptography. It aims at discussing how to derive security bounds for keys of finite length and to promote the implementations of these bounds in experiments, prototypes and commercial systems.

List of confirmed participants

  • Cyril Branciard (University of Geneva)
  • Raymond Cai (Centre for Quantum Technologies)
  • Philippe Grangier (Institut d'optique, Palaiseau)
  • Masahito Hayashi (Tohoku University, Sendai)
  • Thomas Jennewein (University of Vienna)
  • Hermann Kampermann (University of Duesseldorf)
  • Masato Koashi (Osaka University)
  • Christian Kurtsiefer (Centre for Quantum Technologies)
  • Anthony Leverrier (ENST Paris)
  • Norbert Luetkenhaus (IQC Waterloo)
  • Xiongfeng Ma (IQC Waterloo)
  • Renato Renner (ETH Zurich)
  • Valerio Scarani (Centre for Quantum Technologies)
  • Yi Yang (USTC Hefei)
  • Zhiliang Yuan (Toshiba, Cambridge)
  • Anton Zavriev (MagiQ Technologies)