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X-periment! 2010

organised by: A*STAR & Science Centre Singapore

30 July, 6pm - 9pm
31 July, 11am - 9pm
1 August, 11am - 7pm

Marina Square Central Atrium Level 2

Most weird aspects of quantum physics?

X-periment! is a three-day science carnival organised by A*STAR & Science Centre Singapore that celebrates the latest developments and research works in the field of science and technology. Visitors will be greeted with the latest innovations and experiments by local researchers.

Centre for Quantum Technologies will bring to you a live experiment which demonstrates one of the most weird aspects of quantum physics- Entanglement.

Such an experiment was putting an end to one of Albert Einstein's hopes that nature is deterministic. Two photons can share properties that mix randomness and correlations at the same time over in principle large distances. Such a joint property, referred to as entanglement, is at the core of ideas in the field of quantum information.

Come and perform such an experiment yourself- look at single photons.
If things work out, you will get a certificate that you violated a bell inequality !!!

HAR Exhibit HAR Exhibit

More information about this experiment: http://www.qolah.org/outreach/x2010

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