January 13, 2017: Demon Dynamics: Deterministic Chaos, the Szilard Map, and the Intelligence of Thermodynamic Systems
by James P. Crutchfield, University of California at Davis
February 2, 2017: Holographic quantum error-correcting codes
by Fernando Pastawski, Institute for Quantum Information and Matter (IQIM)
CQT10 March 23, 2017: Quantum Physics: A Possible Theory of the World as a Whole
by Vlatko Vedral, CQT, NUS
CQT10 April 27, 2017: The applied side of Bell nonlocality
by Valerio Scarani, CQT, NUS
CQT10 May 18, 2017: Secure quantum computation
by Joe Fitzsimons, CQT, NUS & SUTD
CQT10 Jul 27, 2017: Quantum simulations with strongly interacting photons: Merging condensed matter with quantum optics for quantum technologies
by Dimitris Angelakis, CQT, NUS
CQT10 August 31, 2017: What do the data tell us?
by Berge Englert, CQT, NUS
September 7, 2017: Evolution and Perspective of Planar Waveguide Devices
by Katsunari Okamoto, Okamoto Laboratory, Japan
October 19, 2017: Thermodynamics of Quantum Devices
by Ronnie Kosloff, Hebrew University
CQT10 October 26, 2017: Quantum optics with Rydberg atoms
by Wenhui Li, Centre for Quantum Technologies, NUS
November 02, 2017: Quantum communication and fundamental quantum physics
by Nobuyuki Imoto, Osaka University
CQT10 November 23, 2017: Foundations of Lattice-based Cryptography
by Divesh Aggarwal, Centre for Quantum Technologies, NUS