April 16, 2015: Dipole QED: an alternative paradigm for quantum non-linear optics and non-equilbrium dynamics
by Charles Adams, Durham University
May 28, 2015: A single charge in a Bose-Einstein condensate: from two to few to many-body physics
by Tilman Pfau, University of Stuttgart
Aug 20, 2015: Black Holes, Firewalls, and the Complexity of States and Unitary Transformations
by Scott Aaronson , Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dec 7, 2015: CQT Annual Symposium: The Famous, The Bit & The Quantum

Certified Quantum Randomness
by Serge Massar, Université Libre de Bruxelles

Computing beyond the Age of Moore's Law
by Stanley Williams, Hewlett Packard Labs