December 7: CQT Annual Symposium - The Famous, The Bit and The Quantum
By Martin Plenio and Mario Szegedy
Oct 7: The past of a quantum particle in our many-worlds universe
Lev Vaidman, Tel Aviv University
Sept 9: Where is Quantum Mechanics Likely to Break Down?
Daniel M. Greenberger, City University of New York
Aug 20: Quantum-limited measurements: One physicist's crooked path from quantum optics to quantum information
Carlton M. Caves, University of New Mexico
Aug 10: Space Clocks and Fundamental Tests
By Christophe Salomon, Laboratoire Kastler Brossel, France
May 27: Computing with Quantum Knots: Majorana Fermions, Non-Abelian Anyons, and Topological Quantum Computation
By Sankar Das Sarma, University of Maryland
April 22: Quantum Optics in Wavelength Scale Structures
By John Rarity, University of Bristol
Note: Postponed to later date.
March 18: One World Versus Many
By Adrian Kent, Centre for Quantum Computation, University of Cambridge
February 24: Ensemble encoding of quantum registers for quantum computing and communication
By Klaus Mølmer, Lundbeck Foundation Theoretical Center for Quantum System Research, University of Aarhus