December 3, 2008: Schrödinger's cats and kittens : new tools for quantum communications
By Philippe Grangier, Institut d’Optique, Palaiseau
December 2, 2008: Precision Quantum Metrology
By Jun Ye, JILA, National Institute of Standards and Technology and University of Colorado
December 2, 2008: From Einstein Intuitions to Quantum Bits: A New Quantum Age?
By Alain Aspect
October 2, 2008: Bose-Einstein Condensation, Classical Fields and Decaying Vortices
By Kazimierz Rzazewski
August 28, 2008: Optical Lattice Immersions for Direct Quantum Simulations
By Dieter Jaksch
July 17, 2008: Quantum Phase Transitions in Arrays of Coupled QED Cavities
By Rosario Fazio
May 29, 2008: Open Quantum Systems, Entanglement, and the Laser Quantum State
By Howard Carmichael
April 17, 2008: Cavity QED: Quantum Control with Single Atoms and Single Photons
By Scott Parkins
March 27, 2008: New Developments in Measurement Based Quantum Computation
By Hans Briegel
February 28, 2008: Implementation of Basic Quantum Information Processing
By Nobuyuki Imoto
January 10, 2008: Quantum Teleportation and Nonlocality
By Nicolas Gisin